Garage Conversions- Is Your Garage Really Working For You?


In a recent study conducted by RAC, it was estimated that a staggering 62% of car owners do not use their garage to park their car anymore. What could surprise you more, is, in the bid to optimum space utilisation, 9% of them have creatively turned the garage into an additional living space.. Without the car parked in that space, it can indeed be a great addition to the living area of the house or a special corner for you for your recluse.

When people are looking to add some extra space to an existing property, it is seen that they opt for extension, conservatory or loft conversion. Garage conversions can be a great way to enhance space in your home without any such additional building work to be done. A standard garage has approximately 150 sq ft area which can be transformed into an attractive addition to your home rather than leaving it as a safe abode for pests.

Here some of the major benefits that garage conversions can provide-

Utilise your space

You can get at least 20% additional living space and a lot quicker than a loft conversion or an extension.

Greater Value

You definitely will add 10% to the value of your property. Yes, it is above the cost of conversion!

Endless possibilities

Each garage conversion is unique and you can use it as an extra bedroom or even an entertaining space with functional attributes.

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